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The Portugal Residency by Investment Program, commonly referred to as the “Golden Visa,” was established in 2012. This program allows non-EU citizens and their families to obtain a temporary EU Residence Permit for up to 5 years in exchange for investments in Portugal’s real estate market.

Key Information:

  • Processing Time: Approximately 6 months
  • Path to Citizenship: Possible after 5 years of residency
  • Visa-free Travel: Access to 29 Schengen countries
  • Investment Type: Real Estate
  • Minimum Investment: EUR 500,000
  • Eligible Family Members: Spouse and children below 18. Adult children above 18 and parents of the main applicant can qualify if they prove financial dependency.
  • Passport Validity: 2 years for children up to the age of 4; 5 years for all other citizens


  • Simplified Process: Obtain European residence in 6 months with minimal physical residency requirements. You are required to visit Portugal for just 7 days per year. No interviews, language tests, educational or management experience are necessary. Adult children above 18 years of age qualify if they prove financial dependency. The Portuguese PR extends to your spouse and children below 18 years of age, and parents of the main applicant also qualify if they prove financial dependency.
  • Global Mobility: A Portugal visa grants you free travel to 29 Schengen countries in Europe. You can apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years, and dual nationality is allowed.
  • Wealth Protection: Only those staying in Portugal for more than six months a year and deemed residents must pay taxes on income obtained in Portugal, meaning Golden Visa holders pay taxes only on income related to activities in Portugal and not any other primary country of residence.


  • To be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa under its Residency by Investment program, you are required to make a Real Estate Investment and a non-refundable contribution to the Government.

    • Real Estate Investment: This can be made through one of the government-approved real estate asset classes, including freehold property with title deed, hotel shares, fractional ownership, or land. The investment and government fees are payable once citizenship is approved. The non-refundable financial contribution varies depending on the number of applicants:
      • Acquisition of Property: EUR 500,000
      • Acquisition of Property in a designated low-density population area (20% reduction): EUR 400,000
      • Acquisition of Property more than 30 years old subject to approved renovation works: EUR 350,000
      • Acquisition of Property more than 30 years old, subject to approved renovation works, and in a designated low-density population area: EUR 280,000
    • Government Fees:
      • Main applicant: EUR 550
      • Each dependent (spouse, children, or elderly parents): EUR 80
      • Initial Residency Permit per family member: EUR 5,150

Required Documents:

Citizenship Invest assigns a Document Collection Specialist for each case. The firm offers a personalized service that simplifies the application process. The documents required include:

  • Certified copy of valid passports
  • Schengen Visa
  • Three (3) original passport-size photos
  • Original excerpt of Birth record or certified copy of Birth certificates with official Portuguese or English translation and legalization/apostille by the Portuguese Consulate in the country of issuance
  • Criminal Record for all adults for both the Country of Birth and the Country of Residence (if different) (Applicants above 16) with official Portuguese or English translation and legalization/apostille by the Portuguese Consulate in the country of issuance
  • Flight Ticket Reservation to visit Portugal (issuance not necessary)
  • Proof of accommodation from a hotel or invitation letter from a relative or friend to prove the destination and the purpose of the trip
  • Additional documents are required for married persons, including a certified copy of the marriage certificate and a divorce certificate if applicable.

Application Timeline:

  • Weeks 1-2: Sign CI Retainer Agreement and pay the first Payment of CI Professional Fees. Select the Portuguese property remotely.
  • Weeks 2-4: Travel to Portugal to get the passport stamped before submitting the Residency application.
  • Month 3: Execute the property purchase, submit Residence Permit documentation to the Government, and pay Government Processing Application Fees.
  • Month 4: Meet with the authorities upon approval and pay Government Residency Permit Fees. You can then travel to Portugal to collect the Residency Permit, which is issued within 45 days.